Kapitel 3: Wia geht's da
Insert the right words in both the conversations. Which one is the formal one?
(Pasting help: å ä ö ü ß )

Herr Huber:     " !"
Frau Schmidt:   " !"
Herr Huber:    "I bin da Herr Huber. Wer ?"
Frau Schmidt:  "I bin de Frau Schmidt.
Herr Huber:    "Wia geht's ?"
Frau Schmidt:  "Mia geht's guat! aa?"
Herr Huber:    "Ja, mia aa."

Klaus:    " !"
Clara:    " !"
Klaus:   "I bin da Klaus. Wer ?"
Clara:   "I bin de Clara.
Klaus:   "Wia geht's ?"
Clara:   "Mia geht's guat! aa?"
Klaus:   "Ja, mia aa."


Imagine the following situation:

You and a friend are out in town. Then you meet another friend, but the two don't know each other. Greet the friend and introduce them to each other using "des is da/de ...."


Listen and order the sentences in the order they were said:

A)     Pfiat Eahna God, Frau Meier.
B)     Des is de Annegret.
C)     Griaß God Frau Meier.
D)     Danke, guat!
E)     Wie geht's Eahna?
F)     Griaß God Frau Siebngartna.
G)     Griaß de Annegret.
H)     Wia geht's da?
I)      Pfiat Eahna God, Frau Siebngartna.










                                                                                                                                                                      2     4