Kapitel 2: Griaß God


Griaß God means litteraly "Greet God!" (most likely in the meaning of "say hello to God
from me, if you see him"). In former times the Bavarian people were great religious,
this means cathlic. This Greeting is widely and often used. But even as you can say this
phrase in Standard German ("Grüß Gott"), this is not used outside of Bavaria.
There are several similar forms of this greeting, which we will learn later.

Grammatik: articles

In Bavaria names are often used with an article. Men use "da" and women use "de".
I bin da Captain Kirk. I bin da James. (I'm the captain Kirk. I'm the James.)
Du bist de Uhura. (You are the Uhura.)

In these exemples it is actually wrong to leave the article out! In other cases it might be optional or
more likely change the meaning. But more to this later. For now, use article + name.









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