Kapitel 5: W˚s is des II

The captain explains to Resl what a transporter is, and Scotty beams her on board. Then they go to the messhall to have a chat. But many things look different as Resl is used it. She doesn't recognize them and so she askes...

Resl: "Wos is'n des?
Des kenn i ned. "
Spock: "Des is da Computer."
Resl: "Ah so.
Und wos is des?"
Spock: "Des is a Dia."
Resl: "Aber de is so groaß!"
Spock: "Ja, des is a groaße Dia."
Resl: "Is des a Fenster?"
Spock: "Ja, des is a Fenster.
Aber des is a kloans Fenster."
Resl: "Is des aa a Fenster?"
Spock: "Na, des is a Buitl."
Resl: "Des is a scheens Buitl."
Spock: "Des is des Cafè."
Kirk: "Des is ned groaß, aber schee."
Resl: "Is des a Disch? Der is so kloa.."
Kirk: "Ja, der is kloa. Aber da is a groaßa Disch!"
Resl: "Is des a Katz?"
Kirk låcht: "Na."
Spock: "Des is a Tribbel."









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